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Poetry in English Literature

Discover the Soul of Expression: Poetry in English Literature

Poetry, a profound form of artistic expression, weaves emotions, thoughts, and imagery into a tapestry of words. Our “Poetry in English Literature” invites you to delve into the enchanting realm of verse, where language becomes a canvas for the soul.


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William Shakespeare Full Biography

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Full Biography

William Shakespeare was born in 1564. We know this from the earliest record we have of his life; his baptism which happened on Wednesday, April the 26th, 1564. He was the third son/child of John Shakespeare, an alderman and a successful glover originally from Snitterfield, and Mary Arden, the daughter of an affluent landowning farmer.

Sonnet Poem

Sonnet in Poetry: Definition of Sonnet and Its Types

A sonnet is a type of poem that typically consists of 14 lines written in a specific rhyme scheme and meter. Traditionally, sonnets explore themes of love, beauty, and the passage of time. It usually takes a turn, called “volta”, about 8 lines in, and then resolves the issue by the end.

Elegy in Poetry

Elegy in Poetry: Definition of Elegy and Its Types

An elegy is a type of poem or song that expresses deep sorrow or grief, usually over someone's death. It's a way for the poet to mourn and remember the person who has passed away. Elegies often reflect on the life of the deceased, their virtues, and the impact they had on others.

Lyrics Poetry

Lyrics in Poetry: Definition of Lyrics, Origin and itsTypes

Lyric poetry expresses emotions, thoughts, and feelings of the poet in a musical and personal way. It often focuses on the poet’s inner experiences, such as love, longing, joy, sadness, or reflection.


“The Unrest of Desire” is a poetic exploration by Keki N. Daruwalla, where desire becomes a focal point for introspection. Daruwalla delves into the complexities of human yearning, intertwining personal and societal desires against the backdrop of historical and cultural landscapes.

Kamala Das Biography

Kamala Das: A Great Confessional Poet

Kamala Das was an Indian author who wrote openly and frankly about female sexual desire and the experience of being an Indian woman. Das was part of a generation of Indian writers whose work centered on personal rather than colonial experiences.

The Invitation Poem By Kamala das

Poem “The Invitation” By: Kamala Das

In “The Invitation,” Kamala Das invites readers to feel her inner struggles and longings. The poem describes her feelings of loneliness, sadness, and a strong desire for connection.

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