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Idioms and Phrases MCQs For 11th, 12th & Competitive Exams

Unlock the richness of the English language with our meticulously crafted Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Idioms and Phrases, Tailored for 11th, 12th, and competitive exams. This MCQs is designed to fortify your language skills and boost your confidence in mastering idiomatic expressions.

List of Best Idioms and Phrases MCQs

1.  “Bite the bullet” means:

a) To face a difficult situation bravely

b) To avoid confrontation

c) To make a quick decision

d) To eat something spicy

2.  “Barking up the wrong tree” means:

a) Asking the wrong person for help

b) Making a lot of noise

c) Being in a forest full of dogs

d) Searching in the wrong place

3.  “Break the ice” means:

a) To make a bad situation worse

b) To establish a friendly atmosphere

c) To start a fight

d) To melt the snow

4.  “Hit the sack” means:

a) To go to bed

b) To get into an argument

c) To take a break

d) To exercise vigorously

5.  “Cost an arm and a leg” means:

a) To lose a limb in an accident

b) To be very expensive

c) To pay too much for something

d) To win a bet

6.  “Catch someone red-handed” means:

a) To see someone with red paint on their hands

b) To accuse someone without evidence

c) To catch someone in the act of doing something wrong

d) To notice someone blushing

7.  “A piece of cake” means:

a) A simple task

b) A tasty dessert

c) A difficult challenge

d) A small slice of bread

8.  “Keep your chin up” means:

a) To lower your head in shame

b) To remain cheerful in difficult times

c) To be proud of yourself

d) To avoid looking at someone

9.  “Don’t cry over spilled milk” means:

a) Don’t waste food

b) Don’t regret past mistakes

c) Don’t make a mess

d) Don’t cry in public

10.”Kick the bucket” means:

a) To die

b) To trip and fall

c) To play a game

d) To go on vacation

11.”Jump on the bandwagon” means:

a) To criticize popular opinions

b) To join a popular trend or activity

c) To avoid participating in group activities

d) To start a new musical group

12.”Spill the beans” means:

a) To make a mess

b) To reveal a secret

c) To cook dinner

d) To break a cup

13.”Under the weather” means:

a) Feeling healthy

b) Feeling sick or unwell

c) Enjoying the rain

d) Feeling energetic

14.”Pull someone’s leg” means:

a) To physically pull someone

b) To make fun of someone

c) To assist someone in walking

d) To trip someone intentionally

15.”Cut to the chase” means:

a) To end a conversation abruptly

b) To get straight to the point

c) To avoid confrontation

d) To take a shortcut

16.”Spitting image” means:

a) A strong resemblance

b) Saliva on a mirror

c) A dirty mirror

d) An unusual reflection

17.”A dime a dozen” means:

a) Something easily found or obtained

b) Something very expensive

c) A rare commodity

d) Something valuable

18.”Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” means:

a) To keep your eggs safe

b) To diversify your investments or efforts

c) To focus on one thing at a time

d) To avoid eating too many eggs

19.”In hot water” means:

a) Feeling very cold

b) In a difficult situation or trouble

c) Swimming in a hot spring

d) Preparing tea

20.”Turn a blind eye” means:

a) To ignore something intentionally

b) To turn on a light

c) To wear sunglasses

d) To seek help from someone

21.”Cost an arm and a leg” means:

a) To be very expensive

b) To be affordable

c) To lose a limb in an accident

d) To win a competition easily

22.”Burn the midnight oil” means:

a) To start a fire at night

b) To work late into the night

c) To conserve energy

d) To sleep soundly

23.”The ball is in your court” means:

a) The situation is uncertain

b) It’s your turn to take action or make a decision

c) You’re playing sports

d) You’re the center of attention

24.”Every cloud has a silver lining” means:

a) Every problem has a solution

b) Every cloud is beautiful

c) Every situation is hopeless

d) Every cloud is made of silver

25.”A blessing in disguise” means:

a) A fortunate event that initially seemed unfortunate

b) A disguise used for blessing ceremonies

c) A disguise worn for a party

d) A disguise worn for safety

26.”All ears” means:

a) To have a good sense of hearing

b) To be ready and eager to listen

c) To be deaf

d) To have multiple ears

27.”Burn bridges” means:

a) To repair relationships

b) To destroy connections with others

c) To build new connections

d) To set fire to a bridge

28.”Close but no cigar” means:

a) To win a cigar

b) To be very close to success but not quite there

c) To win a game easily

d) To fail miserably

29.”A penny for your thoughts” means:

a) To give someone money in exchange for their thoughts

b) To ask someone for their opinion

c) To offer a penny as a reward

d) To offer someone a coin in exchange for their silence

30.”In the same boat” means:

a) To be sailing together

b) To be in the same difficult situation

c) To be on a luxurious cruise

d) To be on different paths

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